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Class #1

$495 TV Hosting Boot Camp

In this ONE DAY intensive you’ll learn:

  • How to Own Your Copy
  • Perfecting Your On-Air Delivery
  • How to Read and Write Copy
  • Tips for Co-Hosting
  • Teleprompter Skills
  • Copy Transitions
  • Brand Building
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Tone and Pitch
PERK ALERT!! All students will have their best takes videotaped and professionally edited so you may have a high quality “starter demo” reel within ONE week!
Similar programs cost over $1000!

Class #2


Perfect for TV Hosts, Broadcasters, On-Air Experts, and Bloggers looking to make the jump to TV.

What makes you stand out from hundreds of other TV Hosts and News Personalities out there? We'll tell you.

In our second class CREATE YOUR STUDIO DEMO, you'll learn how to look and sound your best, all while we hit RECORD. This class includes:

  • Consultation and script development prior to class
  • One-On-One coaching on set by a TV Hosting Academy professional
  • Professional production crew, lighting and audio
  • Professional editing with graphics package and music
  • Wardrobe selection and tips
  • Insider tips; what makes your demo reel stand out above the rest.
  • How to make any script work for you
  • Writing Tips for a variety of hosting scenarios and news anchoring
  • Perfecting your on-air delivery
  • Make-up, Hair and Wardrobe Tips, and more!

Your demo reel will come complete with high quality graphic backgrounds, just like a real TV broadcast, so your demo reel looks as professional as you do!

Most Talent Agents and Casting Directors make a decision on the spot while watching a demo reel. Make your demo reel stand out, so you land your dream job on TV in no time.

PERK ALERT!! A professional hair and make-up artist will be on set to make sure you look your best!

*The best takes will be used for your studio demo and delivered to you in less than a week!

Class #3


In this final phase of TV Hosting Bootcamp, you will complete your demo reel, so you can get out there and land your dream job! Completing your Hosting Demo Reel includes:

  • Private consultation to discuss goals and what is appropriate to include in your reel
  • Pre-production planning and coordination
  • On-set direction
  • Script development
  • Professional production and lighting crew
  • Full day shoot and hours of post production
  • Professional editing with high quality graphics, lower thirds and music selection

Upon completion of this three-tier course, you will receive an official TV Hosting Academy certificate, a full industry resource packet including reputable TV Hosting agents and how to start your job search.

You will have your complete demo reel, including your studio and field segments, within 2 weeks of your scheduled shoot date.

*Classes 1 & 2 are required for this shoot.

Similar programs cost over $1500!

Sign up to all 3 classes at a discount of $1,995 and receive a certificate of completion!